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Can hear a lot of the snow and disgust melting from the sun outside ~ rebirth is at hand er'one! Even though if watching Martyrs wasn't enough for a rejuvi -nation than I don't know what else is (srsly if you haven't gotten into that I'll post a link to it 4 u 2 c, my favorite scary movie O.K.). Getting some "Me" things done finally since it's been a little hektic @work place, but not sure if you guys realize this 'work' is actually just freelance and needed basis so when I am needed it's like they really need me ~ nice to b needed, but it's a casting agency and it's a weird weird world of models and 'walks'. n~e~who besides the common ailments of a i-found-a-job now i-dont-want-a-job things been good in da BK,
jeez i'm really grasping at nothing here I'm typing like Edvvward but nothink to write

Lately there has been stress on the net I feel for major identification claiming ~ claim your stake on the vastlissness of the web ~ your flag is down on facebook, your personal website, maybe myspace but you're still treading in the void. Filled with information, inspiration and actual human thought, but there aren't categories, spaces or junctions for a real emotive outlet (besides writing) and if you're a netartist it get's sort of turned around like your making work for the net, for the sake of planting more flags down (not everything). And that's cool, no discredit, but in some cases the emotive responses reaches it's goal by clicking "Like". Anyway that netart talk is for another entry; what I am getting @ is the fact that there needs to be a thought in ways children and young adults get brought into vast space - without a guide this tool becomes so embedded into our modus operandi that a disconnect from daily routine (for instance having a conversation) ... is going to be difficult. But I think schools need to start teaching the usefulness and amazing aspects the Internet has to offer,,,

One reason a lot of our generation (and netartists for most part) want to create these projects is for that same innocence and allure the net lended to us in the 90's, where we didn't actually have places/urls to go, just search-and-find and browsing the endless ness of forums, rings, fan sites, geocities pages, u name it. Those are still around but the bulk of net use is to find other people or communicate through networks ~ something the net was missing in its heyday and in its own right, an amazing extension/evolution to this tool. Though I still would like to have the generation to seek, investigate and adventure through our WWW instead of just directing attention to entertainment and networking, but we have to teach others that there are limitless forms of escapism and learning to be found. I'm sure there are classes or teachings about 'safety on the net' but I'm not sure how much this involves "Safety on the net with the dispersion of your identity" aka "Learn to luv urself via the Internet". Don't want to sound anymore naïve about this stuff so I'll stop, but hopefully some kids can stumble upon this here LJ (provided they're allowed in the future??) and find more interesting connections/lynks to things that inspire and scare them.

YUMM Secret Agent Man gifs brought to you by Ulan-Bator YAAA so quality.
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