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Out of Sight Out of Mind // Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder ... tumultuous time in personal and environmental existence right now, one of them extreme discontent with my life/love and the other from quakes in Japan, and obviously not accentuating trivial personal problemz with these atrocities, but it's a scary and depressing state we're in. Huge devastation, as you know, with the power plants radioactivity lingering over us and having to deal with our daily routine problems like eating healthy, work deadlines, sending that package, and (and of course!) love life. Scrapping and scrounging for survivors is some idea not too distant in thoughts, something to unite my self, body and spirit and strength to get the world back in order. Note to mention: not including mind in that list since Thoughts + Ego seem to be the sole adversary to these situations. My roommate mentioned her nausea of not being able to help from home with the environment; it's a crazy symbiosis of how the energy from across the world, the physical shaking and emotion and devastation, that we can feel way across here in our safe homes and in our thoughts (Ego'd). Maybe in a month or so, when things 'clear-up' and the radioactive threat (ugh) subsides we can figure out a trip to fix things ... but then again there it is, the thoughts of incredulousness / not being able to escape. Ho hum ...
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