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This is a personal entry, which was trying not to write so much of but let's face it ...

that's what we're here for! This entry is in the font face Georgia and the size is 2. This entry is being written in Florida, in my brothers bed since my room has become the workout/toy/dust bin and there isn't a place for me. I'm here now, home, because my brother will be getting married next week on our birthday, so I'm here for festivities and being the best man. I haven't written my speech, but I plan on doing it in spanish and engrish ... I think my abuelitos and mom are more worried about me messing up than I am. Hohoh


Before this I was

logged into

Okcupid, something my roommate made me sign up for to amuse her and join her in the ranking of hot/not with star system rating. I think it's fun, it's a joke my profile. And I went on a date the day after I created an account so that was nice, but haven't talked to him since, that's how things go for me I think since my relationships end

up with me obsessive crying panting chasing,

you know life-ruining love, right? I mean I'm not in Love, but that's how they all start for me and ends up being something called Love. I think the main thing was he sang to me, plus the w33d and Metal Slug action that started it off as the "best date ever" (proclamation his), but then again it proved to be a little immature and non-communicative right after. I held his head down on my lap and kissed everywhere on his face but his lips. Romantic right? Or maybe 2 much 2 soon. But everything ended in hugs and boners so I'm at a loss of what went wrong (www). Now I'm writing about it so that seals the deal with how I start things huh ... self fulfillment Historia de un amor for real tehe. Stop talkin about that, I won't get any feedback anyway but know the true thing is to play those gaymes. hohum


Tomorrow, or you know Saturday, should be the end of the world which is a trending topic as #Zombie Apacolypse ~ I'd have my shovel ready if I was home but I'll be in Orlando at a gentleman's club! Isn't that awesome though? If it ended up being the end of days and I'm there with tits? With my brother and his str8 friends, I'd feel safe. And drunk!

At dinner tonight, my

mother and I went to eat this fast-food azn fusion loungy joint - it was pretty good and they have a huge basket of all-you-desire fortune cookies. Jokes with my mom are pretty variant, depending on the moods its about other peoples misfortunes or people in my family our or our own lives and funny anecdotes in spanish or whatever, sometimes they range from sexuality too and that gets to be funny especially if she's been on a roll and then she'll end up crying at her own jokes. Anyway, she hasn't really been up to par with her jokes or story telling, might have to do with stagnation of married life or the fact that she's mostly in work mode and then tired at home ... so they weren't so funny tonight. I had to make up for her bad jokes with even more bad jokes I know she'd appreciate, so we ended up with our fortunes and I got one that said something about "doors opening" thing and I said "Yea more like a closet" womp womp, my mom snorted and said "yaaaa hMMM" and then she gets her fortune "A simple question will bring you honest truth" >___<

Well the question was never asked but there was a fun giggle about that. And we ended up discussing souls and my brothers sexcapades that my mom caught him on (hi Ricky! i doubt you're reading this) and how my mom caught him in bed with boys before. Awkward, yes but it's sorta been buried - though little did I know it was buried deep within my mom's heart and it's been weird for her to hold on to that sort of "burden", seeing as it's not even her secret, right? But she's always worrying and carrying for us kids and there's a lot on appearance in a family, especially hispanic. We ended up almost crying a few times at that azn place but it was a great talk just us gals lol, I just wish she'd let go of these petty things because she'll spend a lot of time worrying until she dies.

Her dream was to have twins (a boy and a girl, but you kno she sort of got a girl?) and so I joke about her dying now since that's been fulfilled. "One day you'll understand when you have children" she said to me.

I'm writing this to contribute to the consciousness online, maybe if we just write and write it'll end up serving a great purpose? if we have all these emotions, theories, stories, info maybe something will organically grow out of the rantings and ramblings. twitter is pretty great at allowing people do that. Reading about the 2012 thing and May 21 doesn't really bother me, especially since there aren't any weird animal things going on ~ like dogs running to the hills or birds flying to the poles, but I feel like a lot of weird things are happening to us, as spiritual beings. eBaum and YouTube videos contributed to that fear with crazy folks on the train and other parts. We're becoming this nice big emass of info and technology for the first time in history, and communication is so e-z, maybe this end-of-daze thing is really about the future of our consciousness or presence online? I'd like to feel a shift. Whatever as long as we have gifs right ... and shovels for zombies.

Anywho, I don't mean to come across to mopey complainy downtrodden, I'm honestly pretty happy, being home, endless food, a/c, palm tree breezey and the radio ... life's qute nice. Outlets, you know? This is one and I like to dump all of it on you guys tehe.

Goodnight Everybody!

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