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TEDxUIUC - Sherry Turkle - Alone Together

Comment posted on SC:

She shares Franzen's insight about the effects of technology - unlike his regard of human interaction being hopeless and passive, Turkle tries to consider these advances as a benefit to human evolution, though only alluding that the Internet has a lot of progression to make. Reading + watching these kinds of debates on the lack of human interaction on the most innately human technology we've possessed puts into perspective how much of a kind of Dark Age we really are in as an advanced species; " We are consumed by that which we are nourished by" — Shakespeare.

Work on getting less vulnerable.
Sharing what is easy to share. Electronic trace of problems and worries, you put out a voice to be heard. Don't make it harder to me mentored. Instead of technology being a phantom limb - when you hear your phones ringing echo or that feeling of vibration on your leg thinking it's incoming text - it shouldn't be phantom ~ it needs to be an extension. Remember Washu's computer¹ from Tenchi? Arm straight stretched and fingers primed her computer screen and keyboard would flicker and manifest for her bidding ... so coool! Sci-fi witch. Dreams come true in anime lemme tell u. Just finished watching Durarara and it was great summer spending time with the +13 cast of friends. Relates with these kinds of parallels we have with our online/offline worlds in regards to more of Anonymous and forum communities ~how these kind of virtual worlds can entangle and involve peoples lifes/loves and effect societies as a giant foreign conglomeration, within the system. Dollars² was the entity that most associated with Anonymous, working as the keeper of the city and overall heroes of the story; they remained invisible as opposed to the other city gangs who would associate with a color; it's something Turkle forget's to mention in her speech is this thought of a super-community that shares what is incommunicable through just face-to-face interactions (like an LJ-post with hyperlinkx!). Can't we be more real online? It's sort of an unlimited heap to rant/rave/troll whatever you'd like. But, ya, got it, it's not the same as the eyes, the mouth, the spit that goes out into forming a word and hearing it and the whole sensory aspect, but we're pretty close to figuring out the "next best thing" thing, right? Also the whole trouble with carefully curating your online persona and the schizophrenia that leads to keeping appearances. Durarara suggested a modern town that escaped the need for social networking, instead they just banned together as a One network ... and not sure if this is genuine for asian stance on networks but it could be a really egotistical western thing? "We like the mirror and the mirror likes us. To friend a person is merely to include the person in our private hall of flattering mirrors." — Franzen

My favorite, and most fan-servicey of characters in Durarara, was the dullahan Celty Sturluson (セルティ・ストゥルルソン)³ who - on mounted trusted motorbike steed that neighed for a rev - was searching for her missing head since medieval times. Oddly enough she was the transporter/messanger for the Dollars gang, and since mouthless, would communicate by typing through her Blackberry and would just face it for the recipient to read. One of the most intriguing romanced of the series (which were quite a few) was that and her relationship with Dr. Shinra, who as a young boy was semi-possessed by the fact she was a headless body, and still he loved her without being able to communicate directly with her, just via her mobile's screen. I'm not sure of the deaf/mute community online presence, and actually only have seen it exploited on video chat sites (/porn) where they communicate through attraction/sex ... much like the Internets first endeavors as a network. At the end of the series, ahem SPOILER: Celty never finds her head, though we know as the audience where it is. She and Shinra stay together and, although it was her prized possession to find "herself" through her missing head, she is told by Shinra that he never wants her to find her head, because of the chances of her becoming a normal, apathetic human. Maybe we just need to become headless? Or at least less egotistical ;^)



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