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HEY PPL LONG TIME NO C! So lately, yes lately hmmm 2012 is happening and really excited about this year. Maybe if it wasn't foretold that it's our last year from the Mayans (but wait maybe they were massacred by the Spanish before they got to finish their stupid calendar??) we wouldn't be having this mass appreciation and lust 4 life kinda like the lives we've seen in movies. Or have we? Got into this real cray documentary about how the Torus is the source of human kind and the solution to the worlds problems, and since consciousness has been part of "thoughts on thinking" since my last entry, got really in deep with it. Also the idea of crop circles was reassessed; thought it wasn't anything to think about really, hooligans or whatever, but they are because really no punk is going to spend that much time on bending stalks of wheat so they don't break and make those patterns. Magnetized and all. Anyway the film got really political towards the end which isn't my thing but still inspired to have this new idea of change within the 'system' that can start off maybe with the whole Mayan apocalypse ... AKA end of an era instead of the world actually ex/im-ploding.

The metamorphosis metaphor (I know ew) came up as our social and economic systems are that of a caterpillar - very destructive and eating away it's own ecosystem until it's bloated and when it possibly can't eat anymore finally decides to sleep upside down. Then there is a fork in the road: die or evolve. Right now in our path to a higher level of human evolution that we've created (that advance further daily) we act as those cells that are telling our system to evolve. We are those cells in the caterpillar to tell the body to evolve - without the cells the caterpillar couldn't transform. The whole SOPA thing - as scary and ludicrous as it was - is a great example on how intrusions on creative and free knowledge won't be tolerated in our little evolving body/world. And even if it was a success, there would be no doubt in my mind of the grass-roots DIY reaction of creating a pirated free structure as there is and will only will allow evolution to run it's course, not to digress into a totalitarian structure of prohibited knowledge. It's still a frightening thought that these systems that want to control us is allowed and apparent, and things like SOPA are still popping up now and again ... but still there's hope. Once all of our "real" problems like renewable energy, trade agreements, food and water shortages, free wi-fi everywhere are all out of the way we can start thinking of our bigger problems ... like alien contact hehe

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