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Super adrenaline rush from Batman movie so writing here :-> Last entry now public btw but idk why was hidden before hmm guessing there was shyness there that's gone. No really this Christophor Nolan guy can D-I-E-RECT it's non stop suffocation of this editing (minus the car chase scenes, when your head is above the water but you're still in the race) and it was 2.5 hrs long and felt maybe 1. Very fine. Catwoman was stupid sort of but that's because the HERstory was missing and instead she just flings and flees and repeat the whole time, but whatever maybe the Ivy will come for the 2nd second cumming ( you know it's happening, they make a lot of $ ). ALSO WEIRD RIGHT another tragedy with the "massacre" and b4 it was Joker's death ( Heath ) and yea so hype.

N E WAY enough about U let's talk about ME. Got a summer job, but no really this time it's full-time baby and it's for a venue here in the city so making stuff like this and this. Which can be a little frightening because of the whole mass-culture tackiness of it but leraning to jive with it deep, and even stranger is there is $ involved so somethings things like this happens ( that is the e-billboard to Holland Tunnel way to NJ [ u know, where the demographic commutes ] ) so it's intense. Maybe. The foam party was insane, and reason why this is Aqua themed entry ( my favorite theme ) tee hee, plus of the extra wetness in my life WINK WINK but that's for private consultation. To no1 but me. And if you ask duh.

BTW met up with Sua from LJ!! HI SUA do you read this !? Anyway now that leaves daphknee and harvey and maybe petroldarling but dk where that b is at. Ugh you guys. Time. It's happening. My Mother also sent me THIS VIDOE of the dolphins, you should see it, and the tagline was "I believe dolphins are alien creatures, based on the video - they want to see if humans will help them!" which wasn't the interpretation from myself - which was more of humans are not letting the sea mammals evolve into themselves and maybe our "Help" is more danger, we are intruders! But that's also probably dumb.

The next entry maybe when the boredom and agony arises will contain more personal/love life. maybe ... there is one to speak of finally. Maybe. UGh omg the agony is rising shutting this off now ;^) TTYL

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