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Danny Lava

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July 30th, 2012 at 1:56am]

Super adrenaline rush from Batman movie so writing here :-> Last entry now public btw but idk why was hidden before hmm guessing there was shyness there that's gone. No really this Christophor Nolan guy can D-I-E-RECT it's non stop suffocation of this editing (minus the car chase scenes, when your head is above the water but you're still in the race) and it was 2.5 hrs long and felt maybe 1. Very fine. Catwoman was stupid sort of but that's because the HERstory was missing and instead she just flings and flees and repeat the whole time, but whatever maybe the Ivy will come for the 2nd second cumming ( you know it's happening, they make a lot of $ ). ALSO WEIRD RIGHT another tragedy with the "massacre" and b4 it was Joker's death ( Heath ) and yea so hype.

N E WAY enough about U let's talk about ME. Got a summer job, but no really this time it's full-time baby and it's for a venue here in the city so making stuff like this and this. Which can be a little frightening because of the whole mass-culture tackiness of it but leraning to jive with it deep, and even stranger is there is $ involved so somethings things like this happens ( that is the e-billboard to Holland Tunnel way to NJ [ u know, where the demographic commutes ] ) so it's intense. Maybe. The foam party was insane, and reason why this is Aqua themed entry ( my favorite theme ) tee hee, plus of the extra wetness in my life WINK WINK but that's for private consultation. To no1 but me. And if you ask duh.

BTW met up with Sua from LJ!! HI SUA do you read this !? Anyway now that leaves daphknee and harvey and maybe petroldarling but dk where that b is at. Ugh you guys. Time. It's happening. My Mother also sent me THIS VIDOE of the dolphins, you should see it, and the tagline was "I believe dolphins are alien creatures, based on the video - they want to see if humans will help them!" which wasn't the interpretation from myself - which was more of humans are not letting the sea mammals evolve into themselves and maybe our "Help" is more danger, we are intruders! But that's also probably dumb.

The next entry maybe when the boredom and agony arises will contain more personal/love life. maybe ... there is one to speak of finally. Maybe. UGh omg the agony is rising shutting this off now ;^) TTYL

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TORUS [Monday
January 30th, 2012 at 6:25pm]

HEY PPL LONG TIME NO C! So lately, yes lately hmmm 2012 is happening and really excited about this year. Maybe if it wasn't foretold that it's our last year from the Mayans (but wait maybe they were massacred by the Spanish before they got to finish their stupid calendar??) we wouldn't be having this mass appreciation and lust 4 life kinda like the lives we've seen in movies. Or have we? Got into this real cray documentary about how the Torus is the source of human kind and the solution to the worlds problems, and since consciousness has been part of "thoughts on thinking" since my last entry, got really in deep with it. Also the idea of crop circles was reassessed; thought it wasn't anything to think about really, hooligans or whatever, but they are because really no punk is going to spend that much time on bending stalks of wheat so they don't break and make those patterns. Magnetized and all. Anyway the film got really political towards the end which isn't my thing but still inspired to have this new idea of change within the 'system' that can start off maybe with the whole Mayan apocalypse ... AKA end of an era instead of the world actually ex/im-ploding.

The metamorphosis metaphor (I know ew) came up as our social and economic systems are that of a caterpillar - very destructive and eating away it's own ecosystem until it's bloated and when it possibly can't eat anymore finally decides to sleep upside down. Then there is a fork in the road: die or evolve. Right now in our path to a higher level of human evolution that we've created (that advance further daily) we act as those cells that are telling our system to evolve. We are those cells in the caterpillar to tell the body to evolve - without the cells the caterpillar couldn't transform. The whole SOPA thing - as scary and ludicrous as it was - is a great example on how intrusions on creative and free knowledge won't be tolerated in our little evolving body/world. And even if it was a success, there would be no doubt in my mind of the grass-roots DIY reaction of creating a pirated free structure as there is and will only will allow evolution to run it's course, not to digress into a totalitarian structure of prohibited knowledge. It's still a frightening thought that these systems that want to control us is allowed and apparent, and things like SOPA are still popping up now and again ... but still there's hope. Once all of our "real" problems like renewable energy, trade agreements, food and water shortages, free wi-fi everywhere are all out of the way we can start thinking of our bigger problems ... like alien contact hehe

August 23rd, 2011 at 12:23am]

Liking Is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.
TEDxUIUC - Sherry Turkle - Alone Together

Comment posted on SC:

She shares Franzen's insight about the effects of technology - unlike his regard of human interaction being hopeless and passive, Turkle tries to consider these advances as a benefit to human evolution, though only alluding that the Internet has a lot of progression to make. Reading + watching these kinds of debates on the lack of human interaction on the most innately human technology we've possessed puts into perspective how much of a kind of Dark Age we really are in as an advanced species; " We are consumed by that which we are nourished by" — Shakespeare.

Work on getting less vulnerable.
Sharing what is easy to share. Electronic trace of problems and worries, you put out a voice to be heard. Don't make it harder to me mentored. Instead of technology being a phantom limb - when you hear your phones ringing echo or that feeling of vibration on your leg thinking it's incoming text - it shouldn't be phantom ~ it needs to be an extension. Remember Washu's computer¹ from Tenchi? Arm straight stretched and fingers primed her computer screen and keyboard would flicker and manifest for her bidding ... so coool! Sci-fi witch. Dreams come true in anime lemme tell u. Just finished watching Durarara and it was great summer spending time with the +13 cast of friends. Relates with these kinds of parallels we have with our online/offline worlds in regards to more of Anonymous and forum communities ~how these kind of virtual worlds can entangle and involve peoples lifes/loves and effect societies as a giant foreign conglomeration, within the system. Dollars² was the entity that most associated with Anonymous, working as the keeper of the city and overall heroes of the story; they remained invisible as opposed to the other city gangs who would associate with a color; it's something Turkle forget's to mention in her speech is this thought of a super-community that shares what is incommunicable through just face-to-face interactions (like an LJ-post with hyperlinkx!). Can't we be more real online? It's sort of an unlimited heap to rant/rave/troll whatever you'd like. But, ya, got it, it's not the same as the eyes, the mouth, the spit that goes out into forming a word and hearing it and the whole sensory aspect, but we're pretty close to figuring out the "next best thing" thing, right? Also the whole trouble with carefully curating your online persona and the schizophrenia that leads to keeping appearances. Durarara suggested a modern town that escaped the need for social networking, instead they just banned together as a One network ... and not sure if this is genuine for asian stance on networks but it could be a really egotistical western thing? "We like the mirror and the mirror likes us. To friend a person is merely to include the person in our private hall of flattering mirrors." — Franzen

My favorite, and most fan-servicey of characters in Durarara, was the dullahan Celty Sturluson (セルティ・ストゥルルソン)³ who - on mounted trusted motorbike steed that neighed for a rev - was searching for her missing head since medieval times. Oddly enough she was the transporter/messanger for the Dollars gang, and since mouthless, would communicate by typing through her Blackberry and would just face it for the recipient to read. One of the most intriguing romanced of the series (which were quite a few) was that and her relationship with Dr. Shinra, who as a young boy was semi-possessed by the fact she was a headless body, and still he loved her without being able to communicate directly with her, just via her mobile's screen. I'm not sure of the deaf/mute community online presence, and actually only have seen it exploited on video chat sites (/porn) where they communicate through attraction/sex ... much like the Internets first endeavors as a network. At the end of the series, ahem SPOILER: Celty never finds her head, though we know as the audience where it is. She and Shinra stay together and, although it was her prized possession to find "herself" through her missing head, she is told by Shinra that he never wants her to find her head, because of the chances of her becoming a normal, apathetic human. Maybe we just need to become headless? Or at least less egotistical ;^)



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hello_hihi [Thursday
July 7th, 2011 at 2:27am]
(●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶~~{『Lesson 1』 }~~ ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)

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◕ิ‿‿~ [Friday
May 20th, 2011 at 2:13am]

This is a personal entry, which was trying not to write so much of but let's face it ...

that's what we're here for! This entry is in the font face Georgia and the size is 2. This entry is being written in Florida, in my brothers bed since my room has become the workout/toy/dust bin and there isn't a place for me. I'm here now, home, because my brother will be getting married next week on our birthday, so I'm here for festivities and being the best man. I haven't written my speech, but I plan on doing it in spanish and engrish ... I think my abuelitos and mom are more worried about me messing up than I am. Hohoh


Before this I was

logged into

Okcupid, something my roommate made me sign up for to amuse her and join her in the ranking of hot/not with star system rating. I think it's fun, it's a joke my profile. And I went on a date the day after I created an account so that was nice, but haven't talked to him since, that's how things go for me I think since my relationships end

up with me obsessive crying panting chasing,

you know life-ruining love, right? I mean I'm not in Love, but that's how they all start for me and ends up being something called Love. I think the main thing was he sang to me, plus the w33d and Metal Slug action that started it off as the "best date ever" (proclamation his), but then again it proved to be a little immature and non-communicative right after. I held his head down on my lap and kissed everywhere on his face but his lips. Romantic right? Or maybe 2 much 2 soon. But everything ended in hugs and boners so I'm at a loss of what went wrong (www). Now I'm writing about it so that seals the deal with how I start things huh ... self fulfillment Historia de un amor for real tehe. Stop talkin about that, I won't get any feedback anyway but know the true thing is to play those gaymes. hohum


Tomorrow, or you know Saturday, should be the end of the world which is a trending topic as #Zombie Apacolypse ~ I'd have my shovel ready if I was home but I'll be in Orlando at a gentleman's club! Isn't that awesome though? If it ended up being the end of days and I'm there with tits? With my brother and his str8 friends, I'd feel safe. And drunk!

At dinner tonight, my

mother and I went to eat this fast-food azn fusion loungy joint - it was pretty good and they have a huge basket of all-you-desire fortune cookies. Jokes with my mom are pretty variant, depending on the moods its about other peoples misfortunes or people in my family our or our own lives and funny anecdotes in spanish or whatever, sometimes they range from sexuality too and that gets to be funny especially if she's been on a roll and then she'll end up crying at her own jokes. Anyway, she hasn't really been up to par with her jokes or story telling, might have to do with stagnation of married life or the fact that she's mostly in work mode and then tired at home ... so they weren't so funny tonight. I had to make up for her bad jokes with even more bad jokes I know she'd appreciate, so we ended up with our fortunes and I got one that said something about "doors opening" thing and I said "Yea more like a closet" womp womp, my mom snorted and said "yaaaa hMMM" and then she gets her fortune "A simple question will bring you honest truth" >___<

Well the question was never asked but there was a fun giggle about that. And we ended up discussing souls and my brothers sexcapades that my mom caught him on (hi Ricky! i doubt you're reading this) and how my mom caught him in bed with boys before. Awkward, yes but it's sorta been buried - though little did I know it was buried deep within my mom's heart and it's been weird for her to hold on to that sort of "burden", seeing as it's not even her secret, right? But she's always worrying and carrying for us kids and there's a lot on appearance in a family, especially hispanic. We ended up almost crying a few times at that azn place but it was a great talk just us gals lol, I just wish she'd let go of these petty things because she'll spend a lot of time worrying until she dies.

Her dream was to have twins (a boy and a girl, but you kno she sort of got a girl?) and so I joke about her dying now since that's been fulfilled. "One day you'll understand when you have children" she said to me.

I'm writing this to contribute to the consciousness online, maybe if we just write and write it'll end up serving a great purpose? if we have all these emotions, theories, stories, info maybe something will organically grow out of the rantings and ramblings. twitter is pretty great at allowing people do that. Reading about the 2012 thing and May 21 doesn't really bother me, especially since there aren't any weird animal things going on ~ like dogs running to the hills or birds flying to the poles, but I feel like a lot of weird things are happening to us, as spiritual beings. eBaum and YouTube videos contributed to that fear with crazy folks on the train and other parts. We're becoming this nice big emass of info and technology for the first time in history, and communication is so e-z, maybe this end-of-daze thing is really about the future of our consciousness or presence online? I'd like to feel a shift. Whatever as long as we have gifs right ... and shovels for zombies.

Anywho, I don't mean to come across to mopey complainy downtrodden, I'm honestly pretty happy, being home, endless food, a/c, palm tree breezey and the radio ... life's qute nice. Outlets, you know? This is one and I like to dump all of it on you guys tehe.

Goodnight Everybody!

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;-p [Monday
April 18th, 2011 at 2:50am]

Tonight's Full Moon brought to you by PJ Harvey
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»«»«»«BIG DEAL»«»«»« [Tuesday
April 12th, 2011 at 2:06pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Kate Bush - Deeper Understanding

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.,¸¸,.»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«***»§«,¸¸,.·´¯`·.,¸¸,.»§«·.,¸¸,. [Thursday
March 31st, 2011 at 2:34am]

Well, the human impulse to remember is the fact that biologically we forget. Because we biologically forget most of what we experience, we try to hold on to, cling on to the experiences, the memories, the opinions, the values, the facts that we treasure and therefore want to remember. But the important element of that is that for all of human history, remembering has been hard and costly, and thus required active work and energy to be put into it, while forgetting was easy. Today with the digital tools, it’s the other way around. Digital remembering is the default these days, and forgetting has become much, much harder.

- Viktor Schonberger
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March 14th, 2011 at 7:52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Out of Sight Out of Mind // Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder ... tumultuous time in personal and environmental existence right now, one of them extreme discontent with my life/love and the other from quakes in Japan, and obviously not accentuating trivial personal problemz with these atrocities, but it's a scary and depressing state we're in. Huge devastation, as you know, with the power plants radioactivity lingering over us and having to deal with our daily routine problems like eating healthy, work deadlines, sending that package, and (and of course!) love life. Scrapping and scrounging for survivors is some idea not too distant in thoughts, something to unite my self, body and spirit and strength to get the world back in order. Note to mention: not including mind in that list since Thoughts + Ego seem to be the sole adversary to these situations. My roommate mentioned her nausea of not being able to help from home with the environment; it's a crazy symbiosis of how the energy from across the world, the physical shaking and emotion and devastation, that we can feel way across here in our safe homes and in our thoughts (Ego'd). Maybe in a month or so, when things 'clear-up' and the radioactive threat (ugh) subsides we can figure out a trip to fix things ... but then again there it is, the thoughts of incredulousness / not being able to escape. Ho hum ...

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February 9th, 2011 at 2:35pm]

Can hear a lot of the snow and disgust melting from the sun outside ~ rebirth is at hand er'one! Even though if watching Martyrs wasn't enough for a rejuvi -nation than I don't know what else is (srsly if you haven't gotten into that I'll post a link to it 4 u 2 c, my favorite scary movie O.K.). Getting some "Me" things done finally since it's been a little hektic @work place, but not sure if you guys realize this 'work' is actually just freelance and needed basis so when I am needed it's like they really need me ~ nice to b needed, but it's a casting agency and it's a weird weird world of models and 'walks'. n~e~who besides the common ailments of a i-found-a-job now i-dont-want-a-job things been good in da BK,
jeez i'm really grasping at nothing here I'm typing like Edvvward but nothink to write

Lately there has been stress on the net I feel for major identification claiming ~ claim your stake on the vastlissness of the web ~ your flag is down on facebook, your personal website, maybe myspace but you're still treading in the void. Filled with information, inspiration and actual human thought, but there aren't categories, spaces or junctions for a real emotive outlet (besides writing) and if you're a netartist it get's sort of turned around like your making work for the net, for the sake of planting more flags down (not everything). And that's cool, no discredit, but in some cases the emotive responses reaches it's goal by clicking "Like". Anyway that netart talk is for another entry; what I am getting @ is the fact that there needs to be a thought in ways children and young adults get brought into vast space - without a guide this tool becomes so embedded into our modus operandi that a disconnect from daily routine (for instance having a conversation) ... is going to be difficult. But I think schools need to start teaching the usefulness and amazing aspects the Internet has to offer,,,

One reason a lot of our generation (and netartists for most part) want to create these projects is for that same innocence and allure the net lended to us in the 90's, where we didn't actually have places/urls to go, just search-and-find and browsing the endless ness of forums, rings, fan sites, geocities pages, u name it. Those are still around but the bulk of net use is to find other people or communicate through networks ~ something the net was missing in its heyday and in its own right, an amazing extension/evolution to this tool. Though I still would like to have the generation to seek, investigate and adventure through our WWW instead of just directing attention to entertainment and networking, but we have to teach others that there are limitless forms of escapism and learning to be found. I'm sure there are classes or teachings about 'safety on the net' but I'm not sure how much this involves "Safety on the net with the dispersion of your identity" aka "Learn to luv urself via the Internet". Don't want to sound anymore naïve about this stuff so I'll stop, but hopefully some kids can stumble upon this here LJ (provided they're allowed in the future??) and find more interesting connections/lynks to things that inspire and scare them.

YUMM Secret Agent Man gifs brought to you by Ulan-Bator YAAA so quality.
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